Lion Premium Grills Review

Welcome to Best of Backyard! Today we are going to feature a review of one of our best and most popular stainless steel gas BBQ grills – The Lion Premium Grills 32″ L75000 BBQ grill! This grill is known for it’s durability and excellent craftsmanship, its workhorse grilling capabilities, unbeatable price, and visual appeal. It’s one of the best all-around gas BBQ grills on the market no question about it. This grill packs a wallop with 75,000 BTUs across 4 burners. It also comes Slot Gacor with all the trimmings like a gourmet package that includes a smoker box, rotisserie, grill cover, and griddle plate. This gas grill from Lion Premium Grills is one of our favorites; check out the review below !


First of all, I rate the Lion Premium gas grill 5 stars. My wife and I purchased the Lion 32″ Premium gas grill about two weeks ago and since our purchase, we have grilled a London broil, hamburgers and chicken breast. Each grilling experience was such a pleasure and grilling with the Lion grill is truly a fun experience as well. In closing, the purchase of the Lion Premium grill is a solid purchase and I expect to receive many years of maintenance free grilling. As for the build quality of the Lion grill, it is excellent. The grill is built like a tank and will hold up for many years to come.

* Randy @ San Mateo, CA

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