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Why is life expectancy for men shorter?

Why men live less than women. It is known that men live on average 5 years less than women. Scientists name many possible reasons

for this difference. One of them is unexpected: the desire to look macho is to blame. Macho is a man’s strength, fearlessness and a

hurricane of feelings, but we will start with the dispassionate figures of medical statistics. The average life expectancy of real

generations (not to be confused with the planned life expectancy for the newly born) varies greatly depending on gender. The

difference in France is 3.5 years, in Slovenia it is more than 4 years, in Hungary it is almost 5, and in our country it is even 7

years. And all in favor of women. Of course, hormones protect women from cardiovascular diseases before menopause; they are less

prone to rash. The difference in the life expectancy of men and women in Japan is only 2 years, in Russia – more than 7 years. Risk

and injury; practically do not fight and less often have bad habits. And in general, the shorter life expectancy of men,

unfortunately, is programmed evolutionarily. More boys than girls are born in the population – the average ratio is 106 newborn boys

per 100 girls. Over time, the ratio changes in favor of the weaker sex, on average, by the age of 30, men and women become equal,

then gradually the proportion changes in favor of women. Note that in developed countries, where a man fights and hunts less and

less, and brushes his teeth 2 times a day, the excess of men lasts much longer – up to 60 years. What becomes the decisive factor,

after all, shortening a man’s life? “Machismo, friends,” Diana Sanchez and her colleagues from Rutgers University (USA) categorically

declare. Last year they conducted an interesting survey among 500 students, the main task of which was to find out views on

masculinity, as well as to understand how people understand the differences between the sexes. As part of the study, all survey

participants filled out a detailed questionnaire about their state of health, and after a while passed a full medical examination.

What does a woman want. During the filming of the TV series “Dr. Queen – a female doctor” in 1991, actor Joe Lando tried in every

possible way to attract the attention of the female lead Jane Seymour. To please her, he tried to do a trick as effectively as

possible, during which he jumped on a horse from a running start and jumped off at full speed. As a result, the actor missed, fell

unsuccessfully, injured his spine and spent more than a month in the hospital. But he achieved the result: after recovery, nihs

Seymour began a long affair. The funny thing is that the chosen ones appreciate such male heroism very little. According to the

website , the main requirements that women impose on men are external

attractiveness, fit athletic appearance, stable income, good upbringing, love for children, the ability to love and care for.

Thepropensity for risky actions and the ability to drink 100 grams from the elbow are not on the list. And an indicator of health is

a good athletic form, which can be achieved without problems, there would be a desire.