BBQ on the go! Portable BBQ Grills and Accessories from Lion Premium Grills and Blaze!

At Best of Backyard we have a wide variety of BBQ grill carts and grilling accessories that will provide for the ultimate grilling experience on the go. Portability is essential to the tailgating experience but so is quality; whether you’re grilling up steaks or hamburgers you want to ensure that the food itself is cooked to perfection. The following are some of our choice picks:

Blaze Grills – 3-Burner BBQ Grill & Cart

 This Blaze 3-Burner grill comes complete with cooking shelves and double access doors for propane storage. Flame stabilizing grids combat any grill flare ups. This 25″ BBQ grill puts out 42,ooo BTUs.

Lion Premium Grills – 32″ 4-Burner BBQ Grill & Cart

 Features stainless steel construction and puts out 75,000 total BTUs across 4-burners. The double access doors and shelves provide ease of use, It even features a built in bottle opener and towel rack which is perfect for any tailgating session.

Blaze Grills – Smoker Box

  The Blaze Smoker Box allows you to achieve the smoked flavor everyone loves with the convenience of your gas grill.

Lion Premium Grills – Griddle Plate

The Griddle plate is incredibly versatile and opens up tons of new grilling options such as eggs, pancakes, sandwiches and more.

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