Lion Premium Grills Stainless Steel Grill Review

Welcome to Best of Backyard! Today we are featuring a fantastic review of the Lion Premium Grills L75000 gas BBQ grill. Lion Premium Grills emphasizes the fact that produce the  highest quality of grills using high-grade stainless steel ensuring that their grills are extremely durable as well as resistant to rust. Lion’s built-in gas BBQ grills and BBQ islands / outdoor kitchens will also visually enhance any backyard  by an enormous amount. We also offer a Lion Premium Grills package that includes the 32″ L75000 gas grill, a Lion Premium Grills single sideburner, a Lion Premium Grills double door, an eco friendly Lion Premium Grills refrigerator and a gourmet pack (rotisserie, griddle, smoker box, and grill cover). All of this is included in the Lion Premium Grills package for $2,367. We hope you enjoy the following testimonial as well.


“I have been nothing but impressed with this large and solidly built gas grill. The heat is quite even throughout the surface with only a slightly higher cooking temp at the very back of the burners. The rotisserie works extremely well and I have cooked several 12-15 lb turkeys on it with a result that is perfectly moist and tender. I recently started using the solid grill surface included in the kit and love it. It is great for bacon, sausage and seafood which may fall through the normal grill grates. Don’t know why this isn’t a standard for all grills.”

M. Lopez, AZ
32″ Lion Premium Grills L75000 BBQ Grill