Blaze Grills Side Burner Overview!

Today Best of Backyard is featuring an overview of the premium built-in single and double side burners from Blaze Grills. Either one of these units can be fueled by natural gas or propane, depending on your set-up and preference. The Blaze single side burner installs as a drop-in unit while the Blaze Grills double side burner is a slide-in unit. Both feature brass plated burners and are constructed from high quality stainless steel. Both feature push in and turn heat control knob. Each burner outputs 12,000 BTUs for high performance and versatility.

These are amazing side burners and some of the best we’ve seen thus far. Blaze Grills never fails to deliver! Below you’ll find a very informative video that demonstrates first hand just how beautiful and functional these side burners are. Check it out!