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Enhance Your Thanksgiving!

November is here and that means that Thanksgiving is just around the bend! The question that we’re asking ourselves at Best of Backyard is why limit yourself to the traditional turkey preparation? Oven baked turkey is a staple and deep fried turkey has become more popular throughout the years, but why not try utilizing your BBQ grill? Turkey on the grill is an amazing thing! Smoked turkey can be easily achieved any barbecue grill, but in our opinion, nothing beats using a charcoal grill for this specific purpose.

Our favorite item is the PCM 42″ Built-in charcoal grill. This grill is manufactured in the USA and is constructed to perfection. It features a heavy duty stainless steel build with 680 sq. in. of cooking space. Just amazing and once you’ve had smoked turkey off of the grill it’s difficult to go back to any other method of preparation. Try it yourself and taste the difference!


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