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DCS Grills 30″ Gas BBQ Grill Review!

Hello! Welcome to Best of Backyard. We are shining a spotlight today on another review, this time it’s for the DCS Grills 30″ gas BBQ grill. This outdoor built-in gas grill is quite powerful with 50,000 BTUs across 2 burners. It’s constructed from brushed stainless steel and features a plethora of standout options like a heavy duty rotisserie. DCS Grills is known to produce only extremely high quality products; the craftsmanship on their grills is definitely among the upper echelon of luxury grills on the market today. Please enjoy the following review of this fantastic stainless steel gas grill. Thank you for visiting us!


“I finally decided to upgrade my 20+ year old propane grill to a higher end natural gas model. I chose the DCS 30″ grill on the advice of a friend and I  haven’t been disappointed. It is well built and has all the features I want in a grill. The 30” is perfect for family grilling or gatherings of up to around 12 people. I highly recommend this grill to anyone looking to go high end without spending a fortune. I did see an earlier review where the author complained about the front panel getting too hot. I have not experienced that at all, in fact it stays quite cool even when grilling at high temperatures for extended periods of time (like cooking multiple pizzas). This makes sense to me since the combustion air enters from the front. “

  • Stu, San Francisco, CA