Lion Premium Grills L75000 Grill Cart Customer Review!

Lion Premium Grills prioritizes producing the highest quality BBQ grills, accessories, and islands at the most affordable price possible. We place the utmost importance on providing the customer with the best customer service experience possible. With that said, it makes us very happy to receive positive feedback from satisfied customers because it lets us know that our methods are working and that we’re meeting our service and quality goals. If you’re in the market for a grill you can not go wrong with Lion Premium Grills. Down below you’ll find a glowing review of the Lion Premium Grills L75000 32″ BBQ grill and grill cart.

Customer satisfaction is something we take very seriously so thank you to everyone who has given us feedback or just purchased any of our goods. Thank you so much from Best of Backyard!

“I did a ton of research before purchasing this grill and I’m very happy with my purchase. This grill is solidly constructed as advertised. Everything from the grates down to the wheels is well made. Great amount of grill space for cooking on. It’s easy to clean. This grill also gets hot and it gets hot fast. I’ve turned all the burners on high and walked away for a short while and came back to the grill reaching nearly 500.

The rotisserie that comes with this is phenomenal. I have done a few different items and they have all come out wonderful. I have heard each time that the food is as good if not better than at restaurants or delis. The included temperature gauge in the hood is easy to read and consistent. I did a test and found that it reads a little warmer than the temperature at the grate but that is to be expected.

This grill lights very easily and usually on the first try. I found letting the gas run for a second before turning it helps it start easier. I don’t have the feeling that the lighting mechanism is going to stop working like most cheaper grills. This grill is a great comparative value to others I reviewed. You get a good price, good warranty and great construction.”

R. Rufh
Seattle, WA
32″ L75000 Grill & BBQ Cart – $1,994