The Blaze Grills Waterproof Rotisserie Kit

Best of Backyard would like to take a closer look at the Blaze Grills waterproof rotisserie kit. When you’re talking about outdoor grilling, having items that can withstand the elements is essential. The motor on the Blaze rotisserie is waterproof allowing you the option to grill in any type of weather. Not only that, but the rotisserie will open up a multitude of grilling options and once you get a chance to try it, you’ll be able to see first hand just how mandatory this addition to your Blaze grill is. The direct infrared heat and slow rotation locks in the juices of whatever meat you’re cooking while also creating a delicious seared crust — it’s a perfect way to grill.

Check out the video below from Blaze that demonstrates the waterproof rotisserie motor and more! You can view our catalog of Blaze Grills here!

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