Fire Magic – Aurora Searing Station

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Fire Magic – Aurora Searing Station


Fire Magic’s Power Burner, Searing Station and Side Burners make it easy to cook everything and anything you can imagine in your outdoor kitchen. Enjoy a crab boil, deep fried turkey or wok cooking with the Power Burner, gently heat sauces or vegetables on the Side Burners, and create a juicy, restaurant-quality steak on the powerful Searing Station.

Searing Station FEATURES

The single side burner flash cooks at 1200 ̊ locking in juices for tender meat and full flavor. Perfect for an amazing seared steak.

Product Name – Searing Station

Model – 3287L-1

Cut out – 14” w x 22 ¾” d x 12” h

Grill Compatibility – Aurora Grills

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