DCS Grills – 30″ Traditional Grill w/ Rotisserie

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DCS Grills – 30″ Traditional Grill w/ Rotisserie


Natural Gas:  BH1-30R-N

Propane Gas: BH1-30R-L

Brushed Stainless Steel


Available in Natural and LP Gas

  • 9V battery ignition    
  • Grill burners – 2 @ 25000 BTU
  • Available in built-in or on cart applications    
  • Available in natural gas or LPG    
  • Designer metal control knobs    
  • Full surface searing across entire grilling area    
  • Heavy duty rotisserie motor   120v 60 Hz
  • Integrated rotisserie burner   14000 BTU
  • Natural gas    
  • Removable Stainless Steel warming rack    
  • Smart Beam™ grill light    
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Primary cooking area (grill) 553 sq in
  • Secondary cooking area (warming rack) 195 sq in
  • Shipping dimensions (inches) 28×31.5×29.5
  • Shipping weight 164 LBS
  • Total cooking area 748 sq in

NG SKU: 71303

LP SKU: 71304

Depth 27 5/16″
Height 24 1/4″
Width 39 3/16″


Insulated jacket (different cut-outs needed-check manual) BGB30-IJS (optional)
Overall Depth 27 5/16″
Overall Height 24 1/4″
Overall Width 39 3/16″
Primary cooking area (grill) 533 sq in
Secondary cooking area (warming rack) 195 sq in
Shipping weight 190 LBS
Total cooking area 748 sq in
Width excluding rotisserie 30″


Built in application
Ceramic radiant technology
Full surface searing
Heavy duty rotisserie motor 120V 60Hz
Hood temperature gauge
Ignition 9v battery
Integrated rotisserie burner 14000BTU
One-step direct burner ignition
Total power in BTU 64000
Warming rack
Weather resistant
Weight rotisserie can handle 50 LBS


Grill burners 2 @ 25000BTU


Metal dials

Gas Requirements

1/2″ in NPT male with 3/8″ in flare adapter
Natural Gas
Operational Pressure 4″ W.C.
Supply Pressure 6″ to 9″ W.C.


Cut Out Dimensions

Cutout Width  28 1/2 Inches
Cutout Depth  22 3/4 Inches
Cutout Height  10 1/8 Inches


DCS Outdoor Grills are simply the most advanced grilling system available for on-cart or built in applications.  At DCS we combine the latest grilling technology and innovation to deliver the ultimate in outdoor cooking performance and control. Every DCS grill is handcrafted and constructed entirely of heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel.



Stainless Steel Burners

The precision ported U-­shaped stainless steel burners are rated at a massive 25,000BTU each, offering premium quality and performance. A heat shield directs heat upwards maximizing heating efficiency.


Ceramic Radiant Technology

A layer of ceramic rods provides intense yet even heat. It gives a consistent grilling surface, with controlled heat rather than direct fire.


Direct Burner Ignition

An ergonomic ignition solution, where burners are lit directly from the corresponding knobs.


Rotisserie made easy

Inspired by our commercial heritage, DCS Rotisserie Grills are the perfect package of robust construction, powerful motor, consistent temperatures and strong forks. DCS Rotisserie Grill models feature a dedicated infrared rotisserie burner, providing controlled searing up to 14,000 BTU per hour. The heavy-duty motor allows you to load your Thanksgiving turkey (and more!), while the Smart Beam™ Grill Light illuminates the entire cooking surface for perfect night grilling. Load up your new DCS Grill’s rotisserie then sit back and let the grill do the work.


Smart Beam™ Grill Light

A halogen light is designed to illuminate the entire cooking surface for perfect night grilling.