Lion Premium Grills Stainless Steel Gas BBQ Review!

Hello from Best of Backyard!  Today we have a great review of the Lion Premium Grills Stainless Steel 40″ Gas BBQ grill from Dr. K. Harrison. He seems to really love this particular grill and we happen to agree with him; Lion Premium Grills always produces some of the highest quality grills on the stainless steel gas BBQ market. The high grade stainless steel construction, the various features, the way this grill pops visually, and more are all hallmarks of the type of quality you can expect from Lion Premium Grills. Check out the review below for more details.


40″ Lion  Premium Grills BBQ Grill Review: Exceptional BBQ!

“I felt the need to write this review as a way to extend my satisfaction with the Lion 40-inch  grill. The aesthetics actually caught me off guard when I saw this up close and personal. I did not expect it to look as good as it does and it definitely has that “solid” feel to it that showcases the overall build quality. The high grade stainless steel does indeed make a world of difference.

The temperature gauge, the knobs, even the logo are all tastefully done. This is not flimsy in the least and in the 5 months I’ve owned this grill it’s held up exceptionally well. The 5 burners and 90,000 btus are very powerful and make for an excellent grill in terms of most anything — grilling vegetables, steaks, chicken, and seafood is a breeze. Clean up is quite easy as well, and thus far I have yet to encounter any real issues or malfunctions with this grill. I’m very impressed with this product.”

-Dr. K. Harrison, Arizona


“I love grilling outdoors and I was looking to upgrade from my sturdy charcoal grill to something that looks great in addition to grilling like a champ. I came across this Lion 32″ grill and once I saw the specs and quality of the building materials I pulled the trigger and ordered one. This thing went way above my expectations and blew them out of the water. Lion created an amazing grill that is built like a tank and outputs some serious heat. I picked up a charcoal tray as well so that I can add that dimension to my cooking when I feel the need. A plus is that guests always point out how impressive this grill looks. I can recommend this to anyone that’s looking to pick up a great new grill.”

J. Roberts
Valencia, California
32″ L75000 Grill

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